photo: Hugo Inglez

photo: Hugo Inglez


Pedro Jardim was born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1989. But has moved to Rio de Janeiro before he turned 1 year old and has been living there ever since. Pedro has a very peculiar vision and is serious about his art. That vision started to formulate itself at an early age, depth through a constant search for his individual spirituality. He graduated in graphic design at ESPM, Rio de Janeiro and studied at NY`s School of Visual Arts in 2012. In his work he developed a style that among other things mixes nouveau, pop surrealism, religious art (as it leads to feelings of adoration, love and hope) painting and sculpture, with impeccable finishing from someone who knows exactly what he wants.


Pedro manages to surprise us at every new production, be it a mural or a fine art piece. He seeks inspiration in mythology, legends, fairy tales, history, religion and many other areas, searching for archetypes and symbols that he can transform or create from and add to his work in order to talk and tease us trough our collective unconscious. Also, he is not content with traditional supports and that leads him to innovate in media. From custom cut marine plywood, recycled marble sculpture with classic style, banners, oratory and stone painting to name a few. Everything done by himself since he believes it is important that the piece really is made by his hands.


He goes deep in concepts. The material of his first individual exhibition - Saudade, 2014(“Saudade” is a portuguese word for really missing someone or something)- is dense. The exhibition had a big impact in Rio`s art scene. He aggregates everything to the art and adopts the elegant posture of not saying anything. With a refined method of production and hiding huge vulnerability in the works Pedro is an old fashioned artist and somewhat off season, he seems to come from a time when art was an illustrious and mysterious company in the room.